Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Match Making - Finding the Other Pair For a Single Cufflink

Are you wondering what to do with a single cufflink? Have you lost your cufflink's other pair and still haven't found a use for a single link? Well, you could always be a match maker even with your single links. Here are some ways on how to create a whole new pair from single links which lost their partners.

There are numerous ways on how to find a pair for your cufflink's missing link. The best place to look for a possible pair is an online auction. Internet stores particularly auction type ones sell almost anything, including single cufflinks. Cufflink owners might have lost the other pair too and decided to just sell the one link left.

You can also check community forums. Find a thread about cufflinks and join the discussion. A member might be willing to swap or trade single cufflinks with you. Some members might be collectors and they might have the exact missing piece you're looking for.

These two makes use of the World Wide Web connection. Add blogging to these and you're sure to find a good pair for your single cufflink. Blog about your missing pair of cufflink and exchange links with friends. Cufflink collectors may chance upon your website and they might offer help. Blogging itself is a form of advertisement - you let the people know that you are looking for this certain kind of cufflink.

The tried and tested way would be to use our trusty search engines. Results can give you a list of options on where to find the missing piece or options on how to create a pair if you really can't find the exact loose piece.

You could also search for the other pair offline. Visit antique shops and garage sale. You might not find the exact missing cufflink but you can see probable replacements and other good matches. Reinvent your loose piece of cufflink with a vintage one. You could still be fashionable and remain formal even without two exact pieces of cufflinks.

But if you really want to get the exact design you lost, you can always have a cufflink store replicate the design of your single piece although this would cost you a little more. But check the cufflink carefully and decide if it is really worth collecting. With the numerous designs we have now, you might want to consider buying a new pair instead.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Complete Your Formal Attire With a Platinum Cufflink

If you want the best accessory to go with your formal attire, then a platinum cufflink is for you. Stunningly designed, platinum cufflinks epitomizes elegance, style, and masculinity. It is simple yet attractive and plain yet sexy. Here are some designs and styles of platinum cufflinks that you can choose from.

There are the usual already available platinum cufflinks. Designs are pre-made and are readily available. New styles however are introduced from time to time. If you want to feel like a royalty, go for a Chinese blue lacquer platinum cufflink. These are perfect accessories to match your crisp, tailored, business suit. Double hand cufflinks that are rhodium-plated are also available. Rhodium is a white metal that belongs to the platinum family thus giving a real platinum look.

If you want a cufflink with a more personalized touch, go for handmade ones. They are a little bit more expensive but a lot trendier and stylish. You can have a double cufflink set in platinum with a diamond border. Diamond, onyx, lapis lazuli cufflinks are available in most online stores. Express yourself with a handmade cufflink made from platinum and designed with a precious gemstone of your choice.

And with modern fashion comes trendier cufflink designs. Go for a little bright colored cufflink for a more youthful look. Just make sure that it matches your inner shirt to maintain formality.

Aside from this, platinum is skin-friendly because it is hypoallergenic and proven safe for sensitive skins, especially those that have allergies to nickel. Additionally, platinum appears to be the most favored metal because it is naturally white and boosts the luster of gemstones.

Whatever design or color you choose, a platinum cufflink will surely make you look smarter and more polished. Get that sophisticated and suave look through a pair of cufflinks and you are sure to get out of your boring business look.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Cufflink Trends You Shouldn't Miss

By Mary Michaels

Wearing of cufflinks is not limited to weddings, formal, and business events. You can also wear them on evening balls or in any event you wish to appear stylish. Cufflink manufacturers and jewelers have now created fancy and novelty styles that are appropriate for different events. Here are other cufflink trends that you can follow.

Your pair of cufflinks can be used as replacement for cuff buttons. They make you appear young, hip, and trendy but at the same time creates a sophisticated and dressy look. You can also replace buttons down the shirt by using Stud Sets. The set includes two cufflinks and four studs and are available in a variety of elegant and subtle designs.

Although most cufflinks and stud sets match each other, cufflinks do not necessarily have to match the studs but they should at least be of the same color family or they complement each other. There is actually no strict rule in matching just as long as the pieces harmonize with the overall look.

Cufflinks will look trendy if they match other pieces of jewelry. If your wedding band or watch is in silver, wear a pair of cufflink in silver too. And since a watch is more expensive than a pair of cufflinks, it is best that you match your pair with the watch you have and not the other way around.

Remember that novelty cufflinks or those with fancy themes like sports, animals, or hobbies should be worn on casual events. Cufflinks in smiley faces or teddy bear designs worn on a formal event will only make you look terribly shabby. Such styles should be worn on family parties or events for children.

Wedding parties and formal events require classier designs such as those with jewels or semi-precious stones. Tuxedo shirt stud sets could be a good groomsmen or best man gifts as they can be useful even in their own wedding.

Be a savvy dresser and incorporate a pair of cufflink in your clothing. As a scarf accentuates the look of a woman, a cufflink defines the style of a man. Implement them in your wardrobe and learn how to incorporate classic style with modern trends. These links are definitely in.

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